Score! Hero, Manowar, Square Quick, Bestie, and Farming Simulator 16 are our Five Apps to Try

Alex Beech


On this week’s Five Apps to Try I check out three games, try two photo apps, and regret one choice of shirt.

We kick off this week with Score! Hero (iOS). This soccer game doesn’t make you play entire matches, but instead focuses on having you orchestrate single, pivotal moments to build your reputation as a star player.

Score! Hero, Manowar, Square Quick, Bestie, and Farming Simulator 16 are our Five Apps to Try

If sports aren’t your thing and you want something a bit more cerebral, then we have Manowar (iOS). This nautically themed puzzler has you trying to blast all of the cannon balls off a galley. It might be frustrating, but that doesn’t stop it being incredibly satisfying every time you solve one of its conundrums.

Next is one for all you Instagram fans, Square Quick (iOS|Android). This little app helps make your picture squares to be displayed on the photographic social network. But, rather than cropping your carefully posed piece, Square Quick offers dozens of boarders to help you reach that 1:1 ratio without losing any of the image.

Bestie (iOS|Android) is our fourth app, and it has turned me into a selfie convert. This fun little photo app lets you apply filters that are perfect for portraits. Once you have snapped yourself, you can then edit and improve your visage with its editing options, to beautiful – or comical – results.

Finally, we have Farming Simulator 16 (iOS|Android). No, I never saw the fun in these either, but it turns out we were wrong. Playing the latest version of this simulator on my iPhone has me won over with its great mix of resource management and hands-on agricultural action. This could keep you busy for weeks.

That’s it for this week, be sure to subscribe and I’ll see you next time.

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